Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Adult education, especially in non formal and informal contexts, is a very important aspect for those European citizens who are affected by physical diseases as it represents a concrete and precious opportunity to cultivate well-being and social active participation.

giovedì 20 marzo 2014



Poland NGO trainers association presentation

The most important area activity is training new trainers joined with NGO sector and developing qualifications of the professional ones. STOP Trainers' School is an answer to a strong need expressed by numerous activists of non-governmental organisations to create polish training called "Training for Trainers". It is addressed to persons, whi work in third sector and plan to actively engage in the training work for NGOs. We also organize such school for the different branches, for example Family Mediations School of Trainers and courses for trainers for representatives of NGO's: The Networ of Information and Support for Non-Governmental Organizations SPLOT or employees of Labour - Market Institutions. We're taking part in Library Development Program - Trining of Trainers for Librarians, Idea of such project: supporting librarians in development of educational skills, wich empowers local communities, specially from rural areas (community education, library as community and educational center) and librarians as professionals - they cam share knowledge and experience within "library environment" - they are real experts in many or their professional fields, they need methodological support.

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