Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Adult education, especially in non formal and informal contexts, is a very important aspect for those European citizens who are affected by physical diseases as it represents a concrete and precious opportunity to cultivate well-being and social active participation.

giovedì 20 marzo 2014


Latvian Society of the Blind (hereafter, LSB) is the non gouvernmental, non profit making organization, founded in 1926. It is the only organization to represent the interests of blind and partially sighted people in Latvia. In addition to regional Societies of the Blind in Liepaja and Tukums, the LSB consists of 12 regional representations, which are further divided in local units. Its work is directed by an Executive Board of 9 elected members, who are accountable to General Assembly, held every five years. All 3500 LSB members are people with visual impairment. The main objective of the LSB is to protect and promote the interests of all blind and partially sighted people. The maim activities are:
- To engge, partecipate and impact the legislation drafting and policy-making processes concerning various interests of blind and partially sighted people at national level;
- To provide services of social rehabilitation, adult education service and occupational training, delegated by the state as a foreseen by decree "On Social Services and Assistance";
- To publish and distribute monthly the only existing newspaper "Rosme" for blind and partially sighted people in Latvia;
- To contribute, organize and partecipate in various social activities such as youth and adult summer camps, national "White Cane Day", adult theater and folk dance groups, folk choirs etc
- To cooperate and coordinate with other international, regional and national non-governmental organizations;
- To raise awareness and promote charity activities among the general public.

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