Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Adult education, especially in non formal and informal contexts, is a very important aspect for those European citizens who are affected by physical diseases as it represents a concrete and precious opportunity to cultivate well-being and social active participation.

mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Objectives and strategy

Project's objectives are:
- to compare different ways to organize adult educational activities and training for blind and visually impaired people in Europe, with a particular attention to non forma activities (cultural metters learning and deepeing, useful learnings for daily life)
- to compare the different ways to improve informal learning experiences (journals and cultural experiences as well)
- to compare the different ways to value the informal and non formal skills of blind and visually impaired people in order to helo them to find a job and to be actively involved in citizenship.

Project's results will be:
- organisations and participants increased knowledge;
- creation of communicative materials, good pratices implementation on project's topics and methodologies dissemination;
- training courses for blind and visually impaired people shared among European partners;
- training courses helping the working inclusion;
- skills improvement in the use of ICT instruments;
- training courses on blindness addressed to individuals and families;
training courses and non formal activities on physical movement (space education) and cultural spaces addressed visually handicapped people.

All along the project different traslational meetings and local activities will be realized to improve partnership knowledge of the different local realities as well the deepening of the specific topics concerning blind and visually impaired people.
The transnational meetings will represent also an important opportunity for sharing methodologies and coordinating the whole project.
The project will use different participative methodologies, like cooperative learning and expressive methods, necessarily integrated to specific blind and visually impaired communicative means.
ICT tools will be used as well by partners to ensure both the internal communication and the visibility of the project.

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