Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Adult education, especially in non formal and informal contexts, is a very important aspect for those European citizens who are affected by physical diseases as it represents a concrete and precious opportunity to cultivate well-being and social active participation.

giovedì 20 marzo 2014


Anpvi Onlus carriers out many activities of protecion, representation and social promotion in favor of free vision and visually impaired people in the area of care, placament in employment, educaton and trining, autonomy and mobility, art anche culture, as well as the prevention of blindness and visual recovery.
The association has established among its various centers and services:
- office of social secretariat;
- Autonomy and mobility center with an adjoining school guide dogs for the blind;
- Service book that provides speech texts to shareholders recorded in audio and in braille;
- Provision of technical aids to blind and visually impaired;
- Artistic center "NACSO Project"
- Our press "Il Ponte" with the news on the world of the blind.

Anpvi Onlus - presentation

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