Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Second meeting Warsaw, with a map of Europe

Adult education, especially in non formal and informal contexts, is a very important aspect for those European citizens who are affected by physical diseases as it represents a concrete and precious opportunity to cultivate well-being and social active participation.

giovedì 20 marzo 2014

Czech Republic

Centrum vizualizace a interaktivity vzdelavani, s.r.o. (Centre for Visualisation and Interactivity in Education) delas with creation, realisation and coordination of educational projects supported by the EU using elements of AV creation, creation of multimedia educational products for handicapped and senior, and multimedia programming. The applicant has proved its competence to solve the proposed project, among others by succesfull solution of EQUAL project Lifelong Learning of Aurally Handocapped in 2005 - 2008, which belongs to one of the most succesfull in the Czech Repubblic.
In the last 10 years, CVIV has been a coordinator and partner of pilot educational EU projects funded from programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates-Grundtvig, international Vysegrad Fund, Transnational Projects-Pilot projects on actions to mainstream disability policies, The Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme, The Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme primarily oriented on the issue of education of disables and seniors. CVIV's competence to solve interactive educational processes and products with a high level of ICT exploitation has been proved in all these projects. Its competence is also proved, among others, by implementing selected validated products of the solved project EQUAL into the European database of good experience EQUAL EU and numerous other recognitions both at regional and national level. CVIV was awarded by GRUNDTIVIG programme the Seal of the Quality for 2010.

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